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The aim of this blog for me is really to have somewhere to put down my thoughts on a few of my favourite hobbies and past-times. I studied English and History in college and as part of that degree, I had to write a lot.  Since then, I have had no need to compose essays and the like and I found that when I did need to put something down on paper, it didn't flow as easily as it used to.  A few years ago I started writing book reviews, just for myself, and when the website I was using shut down I discovered Goodreads which is a community filled with book-lovers like myself.  I now use that very regularly and really enjoy writing reviews and reading other people's opinions on books I have loved or hated.  Because of this I decided that if I enjoyed writing about books so much, maybe I would enjoy writing about other things I love doing too.

As regards books, I have a couple of mini-challenges set for myself.  Firstly, the Goodreads reading challenge 2012.  This is a handy record of how many books you read in the year and you set your own challenge.  Currently mine is 53.  I decided to try to beat 1 book a week, so we'll see how it goes.  I also hope to read at least one book from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die every month.  And lastly, I have a TBR challenge on the go which involves me not buying or borrowing any books until I get through the 130 books which accumulated on my shelves.  I am part of a Bookclub with a few close friends and because they pick some of the books we read, these books will be the only exceptions to that challenge, well, we'll see how long I can hold out on that!

I love my food and especially love trying out new cooking and baking recipes so recipes, photos and reviews of places I eat will be included in this section.

When I have spare time and motivation I also do some knitting.  I'm very close to finishing a project which I have been at on and off for a few years now, a patchwork throw.  I find knitting really relaxing and also quite challenging at times, and I love the satisfaction of completing something.  Knitted items such as gloves and bags make great presents too, and it's a great personal touch.

Apart from that, it should probably be explained that I'm a bit of a geek.  I watch a fair bit of TV, and movies, love my scifi and fantasy.  I also play World of Warcraft and just recently began playing Diablo 3 so may have some posts about that too!

These are mainly things which I hope to blog about plus any other random stuff I feel like.  Hope you enjoy!

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